JTM Crusaders Three Dates to Remember

There are 3 dates worth remembering in the coming months of February and March.  It is my hope that committed Crusaders would take part wherever they are.   The dates are : 2nd & 10th February, and 4th March.

The 2nd of February – Feast of Presentation of the Child Jesus at the Temple. It is also known as Candlemas day.  Crusaders can likewise present themselves to God personally and solemnly committing to the Mission, with a lighted candle.

The 10th of February –  the day Jesus gave a message for Australia and New Zealand. Prayers and fasting requested.

The 4th of March – Jesus to Mankind Crusaders’ Get Together in Sydney. We are seeking out most especially those local crusaders doing it all alone.  This is the best time to come and feel united.

Full details here. jtm-crusaders_3-dates-to-remember